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River cruises in Cheboksary

The company "Balaam" offers a wide range of river cruises in 2012. On this page of our site you can read interesting information about the city of Cheboksary, if you visit during which river cruise you will be offered the following program:
Sightseeing walking tour with a visit of the Chuvash National Museum. For an extra fee - the ritual tasting of beer...
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Cheboksary History

Cheboksary is the administrative center of Chuvashia. The city is situated on the high right bank of the Volga and the rivers Cheboksarkogo Kaybulka.
Its population is 460,700 people.
The first mention of the city refers to 1469.
In 1555 Cheboksary, known as the fortress of Moscow Russia.
By the end of 17 - the beginning of 18 centuries Cheboksary become quite famous trading city in Volga region. In 1708 Cheboksary became part of Kazan Province, and from 1781 became a district town.
By early 20 th century trade in Cheboksary is in decline.
Since the early 20 th century in the name of the town was fixed plural form of "Cheboksary. In 1920 the city became the center of the Chuvash Autonomous Region, since 1925 - the Chuvash Autonomous Republic.

Cheboksary Things

By the late 19 th century the city had a 12 stone churches, 11 chapels. Among them the leading place of the Holy Trinity Monastery of the three churches.

The main attractions of Cheboksary:

- Holy Trinity Monastery (built in 17.)
- Michael the Archangel Church (built in 1702).
- Vvedensky Cathedral (built in 1651)
- Church of the Resurrection (built in 1702)
- Assumption Church (built in 1763)
: - Chuvash Academic Drama Theatre
- Chuvash musical theater
- Russian Drama Theatre
- Theatre for Young Audiences
- Puppet Theatre
- Philharmonic
- Art and local history museums

Vvedensky cathedral was cataloged by UNESCO. It is the icon "Our Lady of Vladimir, which is the first icon of the Chuvash XV century. Attraction in the city center is the Church of the Archangel Michael, which houses the icon "About addition of the mind."

Cheboksary Bay is the jewel of the city. On its shores are Opera and Ballet Theatre, the Palace of children and teenagers, as well as the Cathedral of the Transfiguration Convent.

The highest point of the city is Victory Park, which is a monument of military glory. Panorama of the entire coastal territory and the city center.

In the summer held a walk along the Volga River on comfortable ships.
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