River cruises to Cherepovets

Valaam travel agency provides a wide range of river cruises in 2012. Visiting Cherepovets, you will enjoy a City tour. Cherepovets is located on the Volga riverside. It is the biggest town of Vologda region, with the population 310463 people as of 1989.

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Cherepovets is one of the largest industrial centers of North-Western Russia. The name of the town is closely connected with Severstal iron and steel works exporting its products to more than 150 countries of the world.

The town is located at the cross-point of such strategic main lines as Volga-Baltic waterway, West-Eats railway, gas line, between the two largest Russian federal cities Moscow and Saint-Petersburg.

History of Cherepovets

The origin of the name of the town is a matter of heated debate and discussions among local historians. According to one version, the name of the town comes from the word cherep which means skull. On the top of a hill at the confluence of two rivers the Sheksna and Yagorba there was a cherep the ancient name for a sort of pagan temple in honour of God Velez.

Other sources suggest that the word Cherepovetsky comes from the name of the tribe ves who lived in this region.

One of the most important events in the town history was building of Maryinskaya water system which connected the Volga with the Baltic Sea. Since 1863 the population of the town has increased from 3300 to 300 000 people.


Fast growth of the town is due to building of a metallurgical plant at the end of the 30-ies of the XXth century.
Severstal iron and steel works is one of the world leaders producing and exporting ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

Modern town

Cherepovets is not only an industrial town but also a large cultural, educational and sport center. There is a museum of local history and art which is extremely popular among the citizens. Lately such modern cinema halls as Kinomir and Royal-Vio have appeared there.

The town possesses a large network of educational institutions: Cherepovets State University, numerous branches of Moscow and Saint-Petersburg, technical and professional schools. Cherepovets State University is the largest educational institution of the town which brings out a large number of specialists for town enterprises: engineers, managers, economists, interpreters, doctors, teachers etc.

Cherepovets is one of Russian sport centers famous for its sports achievements. Severstal hockey club is a member of the Continental Hockey League.
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