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The company "Valaam" offers a wide range of river and sea cruises in 2012: this river cruises on the rivers and lakes of our country in such famous places as Valaam, Kizhi, Mandrogui, Petrozavodsk, Solovki.
The beauty of the northern nature will leave no one indifferent. unique creations and the heroic labor of the ancient artists deserve to see them.

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Volzhskaya Bulgaria, the Golden Horde, Kazan khanate, Russia … A boiling pot of cultures melting together for centuries has given birth to a city with a population now approaching 1.2 million comprising 77 different ethnic groups. Walking along its paved streets you discover this fascinating developing nation, from its wild horse racing roots to its very lifeblood – the mighty Volga River and its heart – the Kazan Krem-lin standing high above the river.
Centuries have been passing by but the “falling” tower of princess Syuyumbeki is still catching eyes with its lacy ornaments. And every day a moollah is calling the faithful to a prayer from a minaret of Kul-Sharif – the main mosque of Kazan and the entire Tatarstan.
Travel company "Valaam" offers a large selection of river and sea cruises to the most picturesque corners of Russia.
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