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River cruises to the island of Kizhi

Valaam travel agency offers a wide range of river cruises in 2012. This page will provide you with information about the island of Kizhi. While visiting this island during a river cruise you will enjoy the following programme:
A hiking tour on the island, a visit to the Museum of wooden architecture, for additional payment water excursion Kizhi necklace on Zarya motor vessel.

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Island of Kizhi

Kizhi museum is one of the largest Russian museums in the open air. It is a unique historic, cultural and natural complex, an extremely valuable object of cultural legacy of the peoples of the Russian Federation. The basis of the museum collection is the ensemble of Kizhi cemetery falling under protection of UNESCO.
This small island is a unique piece of Russian land in Onega Lake region. Its length is 5.5 km and width up to 1.4 km. The name of the island was derived from a Karelian word kizhat - games and means that in those times people from the whole region came here to celebrate pagan holidays.
Its location amidst Onega Lake provides a warmer climate than in the mainland around the lake. There is a well-known ensemble of Kizhi cathedrals - a creation of ancient masters - including more than 80 monuments of wooden architecture which admires everybody who sees it. A world masterpiece of architecture the Church of Transfiguration (1714) with its 22 domes arranged in 5 floors miraculously changes its colour providing a great view from any part of the island.
Here you can also see one of the most ancient monuments of Russian wooden architecture Church of Resurrection of Lazarus from Murom convent \9second half of the XIV centurt) and the Church of Intercession which has the richest collection of ancient icons of Zaonezhye churches.
The ancient graveyard ensemble is a unique monument of wooden architecture which became the basis of the world-known museum of architecture created here in 1960. All the river cruises going through Onega Lake without fail include a visit to Kizhi island.
Kizhi Karelia is a region of majestic nature, lakes, moors, big and small rivers, dense forests. Past generations of inhabitants of this severe northern Russian land have left amazing monuments of the ancient culture and architecture.
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