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River cruises to Kostroma

Valaam travel agency provides a wide range of river cruises in 2012. Visiting Kostroma, you will enjoy a City tour including visiting of Ipatyev and Epiphany monasteries

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History of Kostroma

Kostroma is the administrative center of Kostroma region, a large port on the Volga. Its population is 271600 people (2008). Kostroma is situated 320 km north-west from Moscow, on both banks of the Volga and the old mouth of the Kostroma River.

History of Kostroma

According to a legend, the town was founded in 1152 by Prince Yury Dolgoruky. Kostroma was first mentioned in 1231. Rostov Prince Konstantin burnt Kostroma, which belonged to his brother Yury, delivering the prisoner residents to Rostov. Kostroma was rebuilt to be burnt again by Baty troops which devastated all the Volga towns.

Kostroma was reconstructed after 1239 by the Grand Prince of Vladimir, Yaroslav Vsevolodovich, who built in the town a wooden church in honour of Saint Theodor Stratilat, whose name was given to him at baptizing.

In 1246 the town fell in the ownership of Vasily, the younger son of Yaroslav Vsevolodovich. In the same year Kostroma became the capital of Kostroma fiefdom.
In 1362 Kostroma became a part of Moscow principality. In the XVth century Kostroma was exposed to Tatar raids. In 1613, during Polish-Lithuanian intervention, Ivan Susanin performed his feat. In the XVIth-XVIIth centuries Kostroma became the third largest city after Moscow and Yaroslavl.
Since 1778 Kostroma became a provincial center. At the end of the XVIIth- beginning of the XIXth century the city was intensively built up with stone houses.

During the Time of Troubles Kostroma was twice taken over by Polish and utterly devastated. In 1609 Kostroma militia withdrew supporters of False Dmitri II from Ipatyev monastery. It was in Ipatyev monastery where Michail Feodorovich Romanov was put on the throne, so Kostroma became the Motherland of the Royal dynasty of Romanovs.

Attractions of Kostroma

The town is one within the Golden Ring of Russia. The old part of the town still preserves the historic fan layout (the master plan of the town was approved by the Empress Catherin II in 1781). The basis for the layout is a fan-like grid of diverging streets, the center of the town is open to the Volga.

Among the preserved historic monuments there are:

- St Trinity Cathedral of Ipatyev monastery (1652)
- Epiphany Cathedral (1565)
- Trade ensemble – Fire tower on the Susanin square – the symbol of Kostroma
- Government offices (architects: A.D. Zakharov, N.I. Metlin)
- Ostrovsky pavilion
- Borshchov’s house
- Monument to Ivan Susanin
- Monument to Yury Dolgoruky
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