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River cruises to the island of Petrozavodsk

Valaam travel agency offers a wide range of river cruises in 2012. This page will provide you with information about a stay in Petrozavodsk. While visiting Petrozavodsk during a river cruise you will enjoy the following programme:
A town tour, for an additional payment:
A bus tour to waterfall Kivach
A bus tour Marcial waters
Rafting on the Shuya, rent of rafts, ammunition, instructors (groups not more than 20 people)

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Petrozavodsk is the capital of Karelia, an administrative, scientific, cultural, tourist and educational center. Its length along Onega Lake is 21,7 km, area 113 square km.
The population is not more than 282 people which is 35,5% of the whole population of the republic.
Petrozavodsk is a provincial town, the main town of Olonets province, located 450 km north-east to Saint-Petersburg, on the bank of Petrozavodsk bay the most western bay of Onega Lake created by the Lososinka nd the Neglinks rivers. Most part of Petrozavodsk is on the highlands.
Russian settlements appeared in the areas around the modern town in the XVth century (Shuya churchyard).
Petrozavodsk was founded by Peter the Great who ordered in 1703 to build a plant called Peters plant. Thanks to it, Peters sloboda (district) appeared to become the main town of Olonets province. Later it was renamed into Petrozavodsk. Under Paul I Petrozavodsk was attached to Novgorod province. Since 1802 it has become the main town of Olonets province and since 1828, when special Olonets diocese was established residence of Olonets bishops.

Sightseeing of Petrozavodsk

Kivach reserve

Waterfall Kivach is a pearl of the reserve the second large (after Rhine Falls) plain waterfall of Europe (hight 10,7 m). Russian poet Derzhavin dedicated his well-known ode to this falls.

Kizhi museum

Kizhi churchyard was first mentioned in 1496. In the XVIth century there were wooden churches of Spassky churchyard in this place. Unfortunately, they did not survive after a fire. In the XVIIIth century the Church of Intercession (9 domes), the Church of Transfiguration (22 domes) and in the XIX century a belfry were built. From 1966 monuments of wooden architecture from the whole Karelia were moved here (about 60 constructions). The most ancient exhibit is Chapel of St. Lazarus Muromsky (XIV century).

Museum Marcial waters Museum of history of the first (and currently effective) Russian resort Marcial waters. Among other exhibits one can see the curch of apostle Peter preserved since peters times (XVIII century).

Marine museum Polar Odyssey

There are copies of old Russian and pomor vessels that covered thousands of miles of ancient water routs. The exhibits are also pleasure crafts.

Karelian state museum of local lore

One of the oldest museums of the North-West of Russia. It was founded in 1871. The museum collection represents nature, archaeology, history of the region and the town of Petrozavodsk, traditional culture of Russian, Karels, Vepsians.

Museum of post

Contains dummies of post-coaches, genuine technical devices used in the XXth century for work, photographs, copies of edicts of XVIII century on opening of a post-office in Petrozavodsk, its work schedule etc.

Sheltozersky Vepsian Ethnographic Museum

The museum is located in a traditional Vepsian house built in the middle of the XIX century by merchant Melkin and tells us about material and spiritual culture of Vepsians, descendants of the legendary Ves tribe.
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