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River cruises to Rybinsk

Valaam travel agency provides a wide range of river cruises in 2012. Visiting Rubinsk, you will enjoy a hiking tour around the historic center Saga of a Fish Town.

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History of Rybinsk

Rybinsk is known from the XIIth century as a fishing sloboda (district) on the Volga. Fishermen also settled there later. Finally by the XVIth century the Fishing sloboda becomes one of the largest trade and transportation Russian centers on the Volga, an entrepot for cargoes where up to 2000 vessels and about 150 thousand burlaks and loaders were collected within one navigation.

In 1870 a railroad was built through Rybinsk connecting the town with St. Petersburg. In the 30-ies of the XXth century Rybinsk becomes a large industrial center.
Rybinsk acquired the status of a town in 1777. Its coat of arms represented a shield with a bear at the top and a fish on a blue background at the bottom.
In the Soviet times the town was several times renamed into Shcherbakov, Andropov before it finally became Rybinsk again.

Attractions of Rybinsk

Rybinsk is situated Yaroslav region stretching along the Volga banks for more than 27 km. Its width is 6 km. On the right bank of the town there two rivers the Cheremukhza and the Korovka, on the left one the Scheksna.

Rybinsk is included in the famous Russian Golden Ring route. There are many attractions in the town among which are buildings designed by the famous architect K. Rossi. Besides, a lot of river cruises lay their way through the town connecting the Volga with Ladoga and Onega lakes.

Thanks to its architecture, Rybinsk is often compared with ST. Petersburg. People said that Rybinsk town is a part of St.Petersburg.
On the Cathedral Square there are Transfiguration Cathedral and the building of Bread exchange. The cathedral is often compared with St. Isaacs cathedral and is called small Isaacs. The Transfiguration Cathedral was designed by Petersburg architect A. Melnikov (1784 1854) in the style of later classicism.

The Bread exchange is now occupied by Rybinsk museum of history and architecture housing a large collection of works of art by such painters as Repin and Aivasovsky, west-European masters of painting and drawing.
Close to this place there is Church of Our Lady of Kazan which was erectedin 1697. It is one of the oldest constructions preserved until nowadays. A bell-tent is adjacent to the five-domed church. Paintings inside the cathedral are made by Yaroslavl masters.

The building of the River station was built in 1811 in classical style. Close to the river station there is Rybinsk state museum of history, architecture and art founded in 1910 which is on of the best museums on the Volga.
Besides the attractions of Rybinsk include Church of Presentation of the Lord, Ascension and St. George Churches, At. Trinity Church in RAzdumovo and Alexandre Nevsky Church in the village of Makarovo.
In Rybinsk one can still experience the spirit of merchantry and old county town.


Reserved areas

The nature around Rybinsk is also of great interest for tourists. In the settlement of Borok there is the head office of Darvin reserve.
The reserve itself is situated on a peninsula between Mologa and Sheksna reaches to the north-west of the water basin and is famous for its pineries, frequent moors full of cowberry, cranberry, blackberry and raspberry.
In its forests there are plenty of capercailzies, blackcocks, ducks. One can meet elks, raccoons, even bears. To visit the reserve one should get a permit in the head office.
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