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River cruises to Solovki

Valaam travel agency offers a wide range of river cruises in 2012. This page will provide you with information on the river cruise to Solovki involving the following programme: Solovki islands tour implies a rich excursion programme. All the excursions start from the excursion department. A hiking tour across Solovki Kremlin lasts 3 hours 40 min.
The sightseers walk the distance of 2,5 km from the excursion department to the beginning of the boat trip which takes place on the small route of the lake-canal system. At the boat station the tourists will be given instructions and get on Pella boats which take 4-5 people. |On the boats they go along manmade canals connecting 5 lakes and cover 5 km. Tourists do it themselves. The excursion lasts 5 hours. The excursion will be allowed if the weather is favourable and in the absence of a storm warning.
Excursions Botanical garden Makaryev hermitage and Sekirnaya hill. Holy Ascension Skete are bus tours. The duration of each excursion is 2 hours 30 minutes.

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Solovki museum includes more than 1000 objects of cultural heritage beginning from the Vth millennium B.C. to the XXth century.
These are archeological monuments: prehistoric parks, temples, sanctuaries unique evidence of the maze era. These are unique examples of the medieval monumental Russian architecture cathedrals, chapels, cells, Solovki fortress built for centuries, reliable and magnificent. This is the system of hydro technical constructions docks, canals, piers which are interconnected and fit organically to the fragile ecosystem of the islands.
These are Solovki outbuildings a hydro-electric power station, a mill, a dryer involving the best technologies of the time amazing their contemporaries.
These and many other monuments of various epochs and civilizations are carefully preserved by the museum for us and future generations.

Solovki museum is famous not only for its architectural monuments. A rich collection of objects tells us the long history of the Solovki monastery, of the culture and everyday life of Pomorie. According to the data of 01.07.2007, the museum collection includes:

- main foundation 17660 units;
- scientific and auxiliary foundations 65292 units

They contain:
- archeological materials giving an impression on the ancient history of development of Solovki islands by man from the middle of the Vth millennium B.C. to the XXth century;
- objects connected with the history of Solovki monastery (icons, church decoration, documents, books, houseware, crafts, construction materials etc.) of the XV-XX centuries;
- objects connected with the history of Solovki special purpose camps of 1923-1937 (photographs, documents, objects of everyday life of the prisoners etc.);
- objects connected with the history of Solovki shipboys school of 1941-1945 (personal things and objects of military life of shipboys, weapons, ship equipment parts of weapons
etc.); - objects connected with Solovki modern history (maps, postcards and photographs, paintings, souvenirs, booklets etc.).

Nowadays the museum collection is supplemented from prehistoric and monastery archeological expeditions.
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