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River cruises passing through Svirstroy

Valaam travel agency offers a wide range of river cruises in 2012. This page will provide you with information about Valaam island. While visiting Valaam during a river cruise you will enjoy the following programme:
A bus tour to the Holy Trinity Alexander Svirsky Monastery;
A bus tour to Vvedeno-Oyatsky Nunnery.

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Green camping for tourist ships close to Svirstroy settlement created during construction of the hydro-electric power station on the Svir (hereby the name). The settlement is built up with 1 and 2 storey buildings of the Stalin time. The only sightseeing of the settlement seem to be a huge monument to Kirov close to the pier. There is also a small souvenir market nearby. Tourists of river cruises are usually offered 2 types of rest:

- bathing in the Svir bay located in 5 minutes walk from the pier with a sand beach and warm water
- visit to Alexander Svirsky monastery located at the distance of several tens of km from Svirstroy. Tourists are taken there by bus. Tourists seem to be the only source of income for Lodeynoye Pole region (where Svirstroy is located) this is why the excursion to the monastery costs 400-450 rubles. The monastery was founded in 1508 by prior Alexander Svirsky.
- The monastery consists of two independent ensembles Ц St. Trinity and Transfiguration ones. The main shrine of the monastery is relics of prior Alexander Svirsky
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