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River cruises to Tutayev

КомпанияValaam travel agency provides a wide range of river cruises in 2012. Visiting Tutayev, you will enjoy a hiking tour “Pearl of Russian Province”.
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History of Tutayev

Half between the towns of Rybinsk and Yaroslavl, on the bank of the Volga stands the town of Tutayev, former Romanov-Borisoglebsk. It is situated at a height of 40 m, on both sides of the Volga. For a long time, until the end of the XVIII century these parts were considered to be different towns.

One of them – left-bank Romanov – was founded as a fortress by decree of the Prince of Uglich Roman Vasilyevich. Its residents even took part in Kulikovskaya battle (1380).

On the right bank of the Volga appeared Boris-and-Gleb sloboda (district). It happened after the Yaroslavl uprising against Mongol-Tatars in 1232.

Two towns merged in one only in 1822 with the name Borisoglebsk, which was renamed in Tutayev in 1918.

Attractions of Tutayev

- five-domed Kazan Church of the Transfiguration
- five-domed Holy Cross Cathedral (1658)
- Saviour-Archangel Church (1746)
- Leontief Church of the Ascension (1795)
- Church of the Intercession (1674)
- Annunciation Church (1660)
- Holy Resurrection Cathedral (1678)
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