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River cruises 2012 to Vytegra

Valaam travel agency provides a wide range of river cruises in 2011. Visiting Vytegra, you will enjoy a City tour.

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History of Vytegra

The settlement close to Vytegra mouth is first mentioned in the government documents in 1496. From 1710 it is known as Vyanginsky pier used as an entrepot for transshipment from river ships to land transport and vice versa.

Vyanginsky pier lay on the commercial tract from Archangelsk to Saint-Petersburg. By the order of Peter I, in 1710, a project was made out on connection of the watershed between Onega and Beloye lakes, the project for a future channel, and in 1715 a shipyard was lain close to Vyanginsky pier.

In 1773 Vyanginsky pier turned into county town Vytegra.

In the XVIII century most Vytegra dwellers were traders and shipbuilders. At the beginning of the XIX century Maryinsky channel was opened. It had a system of wooden gateways. The first lock is a town attraction.

This was the time of economic and cultural prosperity of Vytegra. As a result of railroad development in the second half of the XIX century the importance of the town declines and it becomes again a quiet county town which is used at the beginning of the XXth century as a place of political exile.

The old channel passed through the town territory. Now only a verdurous ditch points to its former place. The wooden lock is preserved as a museum piece.

In 1964, opening of Volgo-Balt noticeably revived the economic life of the town. The head Office of the Volgo-Balt construction is located in Vytegra.
Russian poet N.A. Klyuev lived and worked in Vytegra, and there is his house-museum.

Town planning and architecture

The network of town streets was due to the shape of the Vytegra embankment. In 1776, the town development plan formed a rectangular network of the streets.

The central part of the town preserved its historical look with the trade square as the central place. Among the houses in the square there is a gross weights building (1810) which used to have a wooden tower.

In the main road departing from the square stands Holy Resurrection Cathedral (1796-1800) with a refectory and belfry topped with a spire.

In the adjacent quarters there are stony two-storey houses with the rusticated ground floor and modest pediment and wooden houses on a stone base.
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